Soul Inspiration – I’m a Quitter

I’m a quitter!!

Have you ever felt like quitting your job, your training or perhaps your relationship and didn’t because you were scared of what other people would think or maybe you felt like a failure if you quit!

Well, I’m a quitter! What I’ve found is when you reframe what quitting means to you, you let go of any guilt or shame around your decisions and empower yourself to live your best life.

I recently listened to a podcast called Inside Influence with Julie Masters. She Interviewed a guy named Rich Diviney former Navy Seal Commander and he was talking about quitting versus giving up and how it’s ok to quit.

And as I’m listening, I’m thinking to myself…. I’M A QUITTER! 

  • I quit my marriage
  • I quit my personal training studio
  • I quit on my coaches
  • I quit my training
  • I’ve signed up for courses and quit
  • I even quit on myself

Rich says “Quit as many times as you have to until you find the right way to do it but never give up.”

He explains to quit literally means to leave, vacate, cease or stop: where you are, what you are doing. There is an immediacy and acuteness to the act. It’s often contained to a singular moment, rather than a thing, or activity

It’s continually assessing and reading the environment so you can recognise if you’re going down the wrong path, and when you assess and read the environment you have the ability to change it.

Quitting is often highly stigmatised. You see lots of motivational slogans like ‘Winners never Quit’ or “Quitting is not an option’ so people associate quitting with failure.

But to give up is different. Giving up is resigning oneself to failure. To give up is to cease making an effort, and the implications are broader.

Quitting your job is one thing, but giving up on working is something else. And quitting today’s workout isn’t the same as giving up on trying to be healthy.

He says “quitting is sometimes perfectly okay. In some cases, it’s necessary, because to not quit could be downright dangerous.”

Quitting can be scary for some people. Many people stay in a job or relationship too long because they don’t want to be seen as a quitter or a failure. Some people stay in a job or relationship out of fear and worry about what others will think or say about them.

And if this is you, STOP NOW! 

I can tell you from experience, it doesn’t concern you what others think or say about you. What they think or say about you is only a projection of what’s going on inside of themselves. So let that go right now and you’ll find your life will be a lot happier and simpler.

Go back and read my list again and you will see I have quit many things that have had a major impact on my life. Some of those decisions weren’t easy and I have no regrets about my decisions either.  If something isn’t working you have to quit so you can find another way that does work and gets you the results you want.

So quit but never give up. 

To quit takes Courage and Courage is the ability to step into fear and do it anyway. 

‘Courage cannot exist without fear.’

So if you’ve been doing something for far too long and it’s not getting you the results you want…QUIT! But before you do, do a mental checklist.

Here’s a few questions that may help you with your decision:

  1. Is what I’m doing right now contributing to my overall goal or mission?
  2. Is what I’m doing making me happy?
  3. Is what I’m doing allowing me to be myself?
  4. Is what I’m doing allowing me to live my best life?
  5. Is what I’m doing what I want to do for the rest of my life?

“The quality of our lives is in direct proportion to the quality of questions we ask ourselves on a consistent basis.”

If you want a better life ask better questions. Questions really are the answers.

The most important thing when it comes to changing your life, is to take one step at a time!

Light & Love Tracy