“What you did 20 years ago won’t work for you now”

Are you trying to lose weight but nothing you’re doing is working?

You remember the good old days when you could eat and drink what you wanted, when you wanted and not gain weight…if you wanted to lose weight it was easy, you would tidy up your diet, exercise and the weight would fall off you easily.

I get a lot of clients reminiscing about their younger years….”when i was 20 i went to the gym every day for 2 hours” “when I was younger if I went on a diet I would lose weight quickly” “when I was younger I was so fit now I get puffed going up the stairs”

But now, things are different. The good old days are long and gone and what you did back then won’t work for you now!

Ah the good old days right, lots of energy, only had to look after yourself, freedom, fun, adventure not a care in the world….

If you don’t leave your past behind it will destroy future”

But now…WOW…how times have changed.

Your body, your hormones, your stress levels, your relationships, your career, the food you eat, your lifestyle…everything… it’s all different.

When I was younger and on my weight loss journey, my kids were little, I didn’t work, I use to walk with my kids every where, play netball 2 -3 times a week, when my husband was home I would go for a run…it was so easy. I lost nearly 30 kilos in 7 months.

Today, my kids are all grown up, pretty much looking after themselves now and I’m back on my weight loss journey after gaining weight through lockdown…yes I’m playing the lockdown card but the real truth is lockdown was an influencer but the real culprit was me…Yes…I’m not blaming myself but taking full responsibility for my current situation.

Even though during lockdown I exercised more I also ate more and stress was also another major influence. I feel into the trap I tell my clients about…just because you exercise doesn’t mean you can splurge on extra food, calories are deceiving. But it happened and now I’m taking back control.

Starting my own journey again gave me the inspiration for this blog because what I did when I was younger is not going to work for me now. My body has changed, my hormones have changed, my lifestyle has changed. I’m in a different place now mentally, physically, and spiritually then when I was 25.

For me my journey is not purely focused on weight loss. Don’t get me wrong I want to lose weight but I also want to respect and honour my body. I don’t need to be flogging myself to achieve my goals. It’s about doing the small things consistently that will help me achieve the bigger result.

“You a reflection of your habits”

For me, establishing healthy habits, routines and rituals that will benefit me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually (and yes even spiritual health can have an impact on your result…and I’m not talking religion, simply doing things that feed and nourish my soul) in the long term.

So if you’re one who’s been living in your past weight loss glory days stop now! That’s right…let it go…a new you is here.

Love and accept where you are now. Live in gratitude for the lessons and experiences from the past. Ask yourself…What do you really want to achieve now? What’s holding you back? What habits have you established that are possibly hindering your results? Is your current lifestyle the way you want it to be?

“Success leaves clues”

Ask yourself the tough questions and be honest when you answer them. It’s not blaming or judging yourself. It’s finding out where you are now, what do you want, and where do you WANT to be. And then, developing a plan on how to get what you want. If you get stuck I’m here to help you!

“You are the problem and You are the Solution”

When I thought about writing this blog I was going to write about how our hormones can have an impact on weight loss. There are many factors that contribute and influence weight loss. I believe hormones, especially for women, have a huge impact on our results or lack of results. 

But that’s a deeper conversation for another time. 

I must say as you get older your priorities change. When you’re younger it’s all about me, me, me and then you grow up a little, get into a relationship, it’s now about you and him or her, start a family and me is forgotten, it becomes all about them, them, them. Our identity changes and during these changes many women struggle to understand who they are and what their purpose in life is.

I say this because this was me many, many, many years ago. I lost who I was. I was drowning in the beliefs I wasn’t good enough, not worthy enough, I wasn’t loved enough, I wasn’t smart enough. I judged and criticised myself on a daily basis. One thing I did know was I didn’t like who I was.  It was only after diving into the personal development world that I truely discovered ME.

And now I love me, I love what I do, I love helping women uncover who they are, what lights them up and seeing them live a healthy happy life, in mind, body & spirit.

“To know yourself, is to love yourself. Self discovery is the best investment”

So I hope this blog has inspired you to ask yourself the tough questions and start your journey in discovering who you are so that you can live the life you deserve.

Light & Love