Change is not always easy, but worth it.

Have you ever felt like change is too hard or too scary. Perhaps you want to change your diet, exercise program, your career or maybe even a relationship but you’re not sure how.

Maybe you make a few adjustments here and there and think that’ll be enough to get the results you want but in the end nothing really changes.

What I found is, if you want change, any change, in any area of your life, it all starts with you. You must change your mindset first.

‘When you stop trying to change others and work on changing yourself, your world changes for the better’.

I know for many years I ‘tried’ to change someone else and it just doesn’t happen. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

And when that horse doesn’t think there’s a problem it makes it even more challenging.

I remember each time I went back in my relationship hoping things would get better and be different, promises were made from the other person, I made promises to myself and guess what, they were all broken because I hadn’t done the work on myself first.

I fell back into the same old patterns of behaviour. And the thing is, this had to happen a few times over so I could learn this valuable lesson.

‘Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes’

I went back because I was stuck in my limiting beliefs of unworthiness and not good enough.

I went back because I associated more pain to being alone and doing it all myself.

I went back because I didn’t love and respect myself enough to put myself first and take care of my own needs.

I went back because I was worried about what other people would think or say about me.

And the truth is , that these were all just lies I told myself and they stopped me from living my best life.

You know what, everyone deserves to be happy. Everyone deserves to be loved.

If you want happiness and love you have to create it yourself. That’s right! It all starts with you.

I once asked someone ‘what makes you happy’ and they couldn’t answer me. They thought and thought about it and still couldn’t answer me. So I reframed the question to ‘what lights you up inside, what really feeds and nourishes your soul’ and yet still couldn’t answer me.

What’s interesting is, I knew my answer, I had it ready in my head just in case they turned the question back to me.

What lights me up is teaching and learning. When I teach people whether it be Pilates, Yoga, exercises or something I’ve read in a book, it lights me up because I know, what I have to offer is making a difference or an impact on their life.

I love learning because when I learn I know I have something to teach others, for me, they go hand in hand for me.

I would love to know what makes you happy, what lights you up in side and feeds and nourishes your soul?

Personal Development really is a journey. You are always discovering new things about yourself every day and in every season or stage of your life.

It took me a little while to discover what really makes me happy and when I did, happiness flowed into other areas of my life.

I may have gone off on a little tangent here but my point is, it all starts with you!

You have the power to change any area of your life. You have the power to create the type of life you want to live and go and live your best life. Make a decision today and Reclaim Your Power!!

In this blog I would like to share with you 3 ways on how you can Reclaim Your Power and start living your BEST life.

1. Discover what you want

Ask yourself lots of questions. Just go on a rant, don’t try and find the answers just ask questions, what do I want in my relationship, what kind of life do I want to live, what makes me happy, who makes me happy, what do I enjoy doing, do I enjoy my job, do I feel fulfilled doing this work every day. Keep going the answers will come naturally. 

2. Uncover your top 5 Values

Your values are the things you believe are important in the way you live and work. They determine your priorities. When we are aligned with our values life is usually good, you’re satisfied and content but when you are not aligned things can feel wrong and can be a source of unhappiness.

Identifying and understanding your values is a challenging and important exercise. Your personal values are a central part of who you are – and who you want to be. By becoming more aware of these important factors in your life, you can use them as a guide to make the best choice in any situation.

3. Identify your Fears & Limiting Beliefs

What are those fears and beliefs that hold you back from having everything you want? What are the stories you tell yourself about what you can and can’t do? How long have you had these beliefs and fears and how have they impacted your life? When you can identify the limiting beliefs you then have the power to change them.

If you have read this and feel inspired to Reclaim Your Power I would love to help you. Book a Complimentary Discovery Call with me and together we can Reclaim Your Power. Click on the contact tab.