Scientists have discovered that each of us has a unique code that lies deep inside our body, in-built into our DNA – your biological source code that connects with your genes, influences your organ function, determines your hormone levels and emotions, and even communicates with your mind.Because there are 7.5 billion people on the planet, there are many of us with similar (yet unique) features and functions, and because each of us falls into 1 of 6 regions on a chart, then we can collectively refer to people sharing similar biology and physiology as sharing a similar HealthType™.Your HealthType can reveal all sorts of things about your body you’d wished you’d known earlier… like the best foods to eat, the best time to wake up or go to sleep, even which type of exercise will help you stay in shape!So you can know the right foods, exercises and lifestyle to follow to REVEAL your ideal body and MAXIMIZE your life potential!Are you ready to MAXIMISE your LIFE?


Join my Personalised Health Evolve ProgramWHAT YOU GET:
:two_hearts: 90mins Evolve session includes an in-depth screening & analysis, a detailed body measurement assessment & a overview of your body type (Valued at $199)
:two_hearts:45-60min Follow Up Program Delivery & Initial Goal Setting (valued at $118)
:two_hearts: 30min Check in (Accountability, Catchup, Reset Goals) (Value at $59)
:white_check_mark: Access to the PH360 SHAE app & Membership (value $199)
:white_check_mark: Access to our private VIP FB Group & Fit Shape on Demand (value $360)
:white_check_mark: T&C = testimonial from you!!

Total Investment $399 (SAVE $536)

(Pay over 3 instalments of $133)

Session can be Face to Face or Online Via Zoom

Personalised Health Evolve Program