When it comes to exercise it’s easy to make excuses and not to do it. We can all find an excuse to avoid exercising. Here’s a few I’ve heard…

“I don’t have the time” 

“It’s too expensive” 

“I can’t be bothered I’m not motivated” 

“I’m too tired”

“Exercise hurts” 

“I don’t like to exercise”

For every excuse you have I bet I can find a solution. Next time you find your self making an excuse, ask your self “Is this really stopping me & can I find a solution”

I think for the most part people make excuses because they find exercise hard or perhaps not enjoyable and its easy to say, something has come up or it hurts to justify themselves for not doing the exercise today. 

Making excuses will not get you closer to better quality life. Making excuses will not reduce your risks of heart disease, diabetes or a heart attack. Excuses will not help you live your best possible life. They will drag you down and keep you in the hole you keep digging every time you make an excuse.

Exercise is definitely not a one size fits all. There are a lot of different types of exercise or activities you can do. Don’t think exercise has to be going to the gym everyday. You can walk the dog, go for a swim, ride a bike, dance or do exercises at home. You have to find the exercise that is right for you. If you have an injury to a certain part of your body, find an exercise to work other areas of your body. Studies have found exercise can be used as an effective treatment for chronic pain and reduce the severity. People with pain will often fear that exercise will cause more pain so they avoid doing it. Seek help from an exercise professional if this sounds like you.

Some people use the excuse “I’m skinny I don’t need to exercise” or “I eat healthy I don’t need to lose weight from doing exercise” There are more benefits you receive from exercise then just weight loss that you cannot receive from nutrition alone. These include improved circulation, healthy joints, strong bones and muscles and positive mental health. Exercise makes you feel good. Boost the metabolism and happy hormones and helps alleviate depression and anxiety.

Some people lack motivation or drive to do exercise. They don’t have a big enough reason to do it. You have to find that reason from within. Maybe its not for you but maybe it’s for your partner or your children? It’s about creating that reason, creating new habits and doing it consistently. The best exercise is the one that is done consistently.

Exercise can be as cheap as you like even FREE! There is exercises to suit every budget. It’s FREE to go for a walk or a bike ride. Just 20 minutes a day can greatly improve your health and reduce the risks of chronic health diseases. Using your own body as resistance is a FREE way to improve muscle strength and conditioning.

“I don’t have time” I hear this a lot! I get it. I’m a mum of 3 children, a business owner with split shift hours, working full-time and I find time 3 times a week to do my training. And yes you might say “but your a PT you like to exercise” Yes I do but I am also human. I can also make excuses. i make the time to do it around everything else and I get it done. Because I know it makes me feel good. If it’s cold I wear extra clothes, If I’m injured or sore I modify my session, if I’m tired I suck it up and again modify the session as long as I’m doing something for me.

We all can make excuses. And we can all find a solution! So next time you find yourself making an excuse ask yourself WHY? IS IT REAL? CAN I CHANGE WHAT’S HAPPENING? WHAT’S MY SOLUTION HERE? 

Live 1% better each and every day. Find an exercise that suits your body, your lifestyle and your needs and start TODAY!!!

Have an amazing day????

Yours in Health & Wellness Tracy