When is it time to call in the Experts?

If you read my blog from last week you may remember I wrote about the 5 P’s: Practice, Praise, Persistence, Patience and Positivity. The more I’ve thought about theses 5 p’s this week the more I firmly believe that these are a vital part of success.

As I walked the dog this morning it got me thinking about her progress. I feel she is improving a little but not as much as I had hoped. I thought about the way I’m training her. Am I training her the right way? Is there something I’m missing that I should be doing? Is there a special technique that will help improve her behaviour. I’m not an expert in training dogs and it got me thinking about calling someone who is.

Marlie’s progression has been slow. I have been persistent in walking her (with patience and lots of praise) but only once a week, which is probably not enough to get the results I want. By the time we walk again she may have forgotten what she has to do.

I’m not an expert in training dogs but I am an expert in training people. So, when I was thinking this morning about calling an expert dog trainer for help with Marlie I thought about this blog and how people are struggling to lose weight and improve fitness on their own.

Are you like me with the dog training with your own training? Expecting results only training once a week. Thinking you’re doing ok and you’re getting better but you’re not seeing the results. Do you think it’s time to call in the experts to help you get the results you want?

Seeking help from someone doesn’t mean you’re a failure, it doesn’t mean you’re stupid or not good enough. It simply means someone else knows more about this stuff than you and can help you get the results you want, but only quicker!

This applies to everything in life….

You are not an expert in medicine so if you get sick who do you see? A doctor

You are not an expert in cars so if your car breaks down who do you call? A Mechanic

You are not an expert in electricity so if your power is not working at home who do you call? An Electrician.

And you pay money for these services… correct. Because you know that this person will help you.

Right then!

So, If you want to lose weight and improve your fitness…. Who should you call?

A personal Trainer…. Correct?

And if you want to eat healthier and understand neutron better…. Who should you call?

A Dietician, a Nutritionists or a Personal Trainer who is qualified in this area.

And you pay for money for these services too.

Let me ask you something…

Has your car ever broken down and you took it to the cheapest mechanic only to find that it took them too long to fix or you had it back in the shop to fix again? Do you think it would off been better to pay a little extra money for someone with expert skills to fix your car? Cheap doesn’t always mean better.

Or this situation… Have you ever purchased a product online for the cheapest price only to find it breaks 2 days later? So, you order a similar product with a higher price tag and it has lasted you for years.

My point here is when looking for an expert don’t always go for the cheapest. The reason someone may charge more than someone else is because they offer an exceptional service and have invested time and money into updating their skills and knowledge to help more people. They believe in their self-worth and know how to get their clients the results.

So, I hope this all makes sense?

If you want to achieve results quicker than you need to find someone who’s been there, and learn from them. Be prepared to invest your money in an expert. This will save you money and time in the long run.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. If you have any questions feel free to reach our or leave a comment down below.

Light & Love