8 Week Challenge

You might have noticed that I didn’t write a newsletter or blog last week. I thought I would have a break and have the long week end off.

Anyway, I have been working on my next 8-week challenge which I super excited about. This year I have decide to incorporate group personal training into the challenge. These sessions have been super discounted to make the challenge affordable for you. I have also added a 2-week pre-period whereby participants will come in and be given a workbook with all the information required to achieve great results. I wanted this challenge to be different from last year. I loved doing the mindset workshops which will be incorporated in this challenge but I also wanted my clients to take charge of their own health and not rely on restricted meal plans, shakes or pills to achieve weight loss.
Last year I used a specialised company to organise body composition scan and personalised meal plans, and don’t get me wrong they were great, the information from the body scan what useful and the meal plans were ok.

We had a chat with a dietician and they were able to write a meal plan based on what we told them we liked and didn’t like, what we ate already. For me, I felt my meal plan was not suited to me. I felt I was set up to fail before I even started. As my meal plan said I needed to eat salads which I am not a huge fan of. But it did kick start me to take charge of my eating. I managed to loose 5kg in the challenge. So yeah this time I wanted my clients to learn about macros, know how to calculate BMR, learn how much protein we need and why. Because I believe knowledge is power. The more you know the better understanding you have, the more success you will have achieving the results you want.

This years challenge I have also added in 4 exercise sessions. These will be at alternate weeks to the mind set work shops and will run like a boot camp session. I’m bringing out the big guns. We’re gunna have tyres, sledge hammers, ropes, agility bands, running harnesses you name it these will be like no other session. Oh yeah they will also be outdoors!!

So that’s it from me this week. I’m going to rest up as I had a tooth extracted today and I’m not looking forward to the anaesthetic wearing off.

Have a fantastic weekend and talk to you soon.