Soul Inspiration – Decisions Shape Your Reality

Have you ever felt like sometimes your life feels out of control. Perhaps you’ve made one bad decision after another and just can’t seem to turn it around.

What I’ve found is when you understand your decisions you can learn to make better ones and ultimately change your life.

Life doesn’t happen to you, Life happens for you. 

You create your reality by what you focus on. We have over 70,000 thoughts a day and 95% of them are the same.

You are not your thoughts. Thoughts are waves of energy moving through the universe and they are only your thoughts because you choose to call them yours. 

You have the power to control your thoughts. You can either go down the path of negativity or you can go down the path of positivity.

Now, some people may say they are not negative, they are  being a realist. Well, what is real? What may be reality to you may not be for another. If you believe bad things are always going to happen, if you always see what’s wrong in a situation, I’m sorry my friend, bad things will always happen to you.

Everyday we have to make decisions. It’s not your conditions that creates your reality, it’s in the moments of decision that create your reality and ultimately who you become. There are 3 decisions you make everyday.

The first decision is what you focus on. You see, you feel what you focus on. Where energy flows focus goes. People develop patterns of what they focus on. 

Some peoples patterns are to focus on the past. If you focus on an experience that happened 2 years or 10 years ago you’re going to start to feel it. When you  feel it, you trigger unconscious patterns of behavior resulting in taking the same actions. 

Your past does not define your future only if you live there. Your past can be your greatest teacher, it can teach you what you need to do to achieve a better outcome, it can teach you to be more aware of your behaviors, it can teach you to not make the same mistakes, it can teach more about yourself, but only if you choose to learn the lessons.

Change is inevitable, growth is a choice.

My ex husband was my greatest teacher. I learnt so much about myself and about other people, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without having been through that experience. I will be forever grateful for having him come into my life. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we don’t see it at the time but when looking back we can see it. It’s being grateful for the setbacks, the bad or sad experiences not just the good ones because one day, those moments become your blessings. 

The second decision we make everyday is, what does this mean. Whatever meaning you give controls your life. Two people can be put in the same situation and have 2 totally different experiences by choosing what meaning they give it. Whatever meaning you create is going to instantly change the way you feel about it. Feelings are the fuel of life, they determine whether you have a quality life or a painful life. They fuel your behavior and your actions, that’s what gives you the experiences in your life that you enjoy, dislike or even hate.

I remember one time going to a wedding. I had the best time, lots of laughing, dancing and conversations. Afterwards, I was talking with friends who went to the same wedding and they said they didn’t enjoy it at all and I was surprised because I had such a good time. 

The thing is, as humans we always have free will. We make a decision and we can choose what we feel, we can choose to take another action, we can choose to believe something new. It’s up to you!

The third decision you make everyday is what action to take. Are you going to pull back or move forward, are you going to give up or breakthrough. 

Its these three decisions that have shaped your life. If you look back on your life, you can look at moments where if you had made a different decision it would have changed the direction of your life. 

20 years ago I made a decision that totally changed my life. I was overweight, lacked confidence and had low self esteem. My pants ripped right up the seam. I was embarrassed and ashamed of how I let myself go. In that moment I decided I was going to lose weight.

From that experience I became a personal trainer. That decision changed my life, if I had made a different decision I could only imagine what my life would have looked like.

Have you had a moment in your life where if you had made a different decision your life would be totally different right now?

I’m sure you have as I know for me there have been plenty of moments since then.

If you want to live a better life, you need to make better decisions. You have the power to create something new.

So the purpose of writing this blog today is to help you shift your mindset, to be open to learning and understanding yourself a little bit more and why you do the things you do and how you can create your best life by simply being more consciously aware of your decisions; what you focus on, what does it mean, and what actions to take. 

I would love to hear about what decisions you have made that have shape who you are today. Send me an email to fit


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