Soul Inspiration – Life after divorce

Are you a busy woman struggling with life after separation or perhaps divorce?

Perhaps you’ve put on weight from lack of exercise, stress or maybe your food hasn’t been the greatest of nutritional quality and some bad habits have crept in.

I know from experience during that period of my life, my health and wellness declined. I had gained a lot of weight during those years of contemplation of, should I stay or should I go. I could feel myself becoming unrecognisable.

I started to believe I wasn’t worthy enough of a better lifestyle or love. I was so confused about what I wanted out of life. I was busy just going through the motions of every day living, I wasn’t really living my life. I didn’t jump out of bed saying I love this life

Then one day I made a decision to reclaim my life. I left my marriage when I made it more painful to stay. 

Most humans will do anything to avoid pain. My problem was I associated more pain in leaving the relationship than staying but the moment I flipped it around, my life changed for the better and yours can too.

Today I can say I am living proof that there is a new and better life after divorce! 

The first thing you need to do is decide you want to live a life you absolutely love. Change is not easy but its worth it. Even if you don’t know right now what you want, that’s ok, you just have to make that first decision and take one action step towards it. I didn’t really know what I wanted either, I just knew what I didn’t want. 

That first step is getting help from someone who’s been there! That’s me.

Are you ready?

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