Soul Inspiration – Creating Your Best Life

Have you ever sat back and looked at your life and wondered how you got to where you are right now?

Perhaps when you were younger you had a vision or an idea of what your life would look like when you grew up. 

What I have leant is the formula to happiness. When you have a vision od what your life would look like when you’re older and it matches your current life, where you’re at right now, that is when you’re happy. This is called your blueprint. When your current situation matches or exceeds your blueprint we feel happy, when our current situation does not match your blueprint and is not what you wanted then this leads to feelings of unhappiness.

When your current situation does not match your blueprint and you believe you can not change it, this leads to suffering and suffering is a choice. Because the truth is, you have the power, the strength and worthiness to create your own happiness.

In this blog I am going to share with you my 5 Step Process to Creating Your Best Life.


First thing you want to do is create a vision of what your best life looks like and write it down or better yet create a vision board! Think about all the area’s of your life: Physical Health, Metal Well-being, Business/Career, Personal Growth, Relationship (a big one) and Spiritual Wellness.

What do each of these area’s look like?

What are the things you do each day that make you happy?

You may be already happy in some of these areas so look at the area’s that if you had a magic wand you would change.

Create that vision of your best life in your mind, the put it on paper.


Reflect on your current situation. Where are you right now in each area of your life. Give yourself a score out of 10. If you need help with this I have a great resource to help you. Click the link here and download my Goal Setting E-Book. In there I have the Wheel of Wellness where you can rate each area of your life.

Be absolutely honest with yourself where you’re at without falling into the blame trap. 


Look at the score you gave yourself on your current situation. Now give yourself a new score out of 10 on where you want to be in your best life. For example if you gave yourself a score of 5 now for your Physical Health, In your best life your physical health may be an 8. So the gap is 3. Do this for each area of your life.


Once you know where you’re at and where you want to be, the next step is setting goals towards closing the gap.

Be specific (so many people don’t get this right, get into the details of what it is you want), Make it achievable, Measurable & Realistic. These are the smalls things you can do every day or week that will get you closer to living your best life. It’s 1% better everyday, it’s the small things you do everyday, consistently, that lead to the biggest results.


This is a step that a lot of people tend to forgot. The write down their goals and that’s it. It’s set and forget. What you want to do here is set and take immediate action. SO if living your best life goal is to be fit, and being fit to you is being able to run 5km then your action step may be to download a running app or get help from a personal trainer.

There you go! My 5 Step Process to creating your best life! 

“Start with the end in mind” What does your best life look like? Get Clear.

When you are clear with your vision and take the steps towards it, the universe will know you’re serious and deliver what you want.

What you focus on, most of the time, you attract!


P.S If you’re lost, stuck or confused book in for a quick 5 minute clarity call. Click here