Soul Inspiration – Stress Response

Have you ever felt stressed. If you have a relationship, a job or children at some point in your life you’ve felt the effects of stress.

Stress has a physical, emotional and mental response, it’s not the situation that’s stressful it’s how we respond and react to the situation. Because what might seem stressful for one person might be a walk in the park for another.

Have you heard of the fight or flight response. This is a stress response when our body responds to a perceived threat, whether that be physical or psychological. The body prepares to confront the threat or take off

This response is from our ANS (autonomic nervous system). This pattern of stress response was hardwired into our nervous system in early childhood so it becomes automatic and Habitual.

But these are not the only 2 responses. Have you heard of freeze or Fawn?

Freeze occurs when neither fight nor flight is an option. Because the perceived threat we’re facing is too imminent, overwhelming or constant.

A fawn response is known as a social state because it’s possible only when we are around others. It is often referred to as please and appease, or more commonly as people pleasing.

These are imprinted in PNS (parasympathetic nervous system) in early childhood and are also an automatic and habitual response.

The stress responses are very interesting because there are physical, emotional and psychological symptoms that we experience when we are in a stressed state. 

Research shows that how we responded or reacted as a child to perceived threats, is how we respond now as an adult. 

The good news is that you can rewire your stress response by first becoming consciously aware of your patterns. 

When you become consciously aware you have the power to change it. 

Here’s 3 Things you can do to awaken your conscious awareness:

  1. (Body)Become aware of you physical symptoms: breathing, heart rate, muscles tension, your eyes
  2. (Soul) Become aware of the feelings or emotions you are experiencing during that state of stress. 
  3. (Mind) Become aware of the thoughts and words you are staying to yourself.

Stress hormones can feel very intense and we can become addicted to the rush of this cocktail of hormones. If our body grows accustomed to a stress response, it can drive our unconscious mind to find or recreate a situation that will activate that same biochemical rush.

If we’re addicted to this hormone cocktail, it becomes habitual and thus how we respond.

If you kicked and screamed as a child chances are you probably kick and scream in some way as an adult or if you cried and ran away you’re probably doing that too now as an adult. 

Awareness is key!

Once you become aware of your body, mind and soul symptoms you can begin to change it.

You can first start by removing yourself from situations that trigger a response.

Secondly you can introduce exercises that can hep you reduce the physical symptoms, like Yoga, Stretching, breathing g exercises, walking or meditation.

And thirdly working through the emotions and thoughts by journalling and seek help and support from a coach or psychologist.